Swimming instructors

Our Instructors

All our instructors are highly qualified (our founders are international swimmers after all), but just as importantly, they’re handpicked for their friendliness and ability to make lessons fun.

As you’d expect, our coaches have exceptional technical knowledge, but just as importantly, they have warmth, personality and empathy in abundance – that’s what makes them great teachers. And we understand the importance of continuity when you’re learning – you’ll consistently have the same instructor, which helps build trust and great rapport.

Photo of Bila RodriguesBila Rodrigues

Bila is a former professional swimmer who represented Brazil in international competition.  After retiring from competition in 2008, she qualified as a swimming instructor (ASA Level 2) and has been helping children and adults of all abilities to learn or improve their swimming ever since.  She has worked as an instructor for Swimming Nature and Swim for Tri, before setting up Love Swimming.

Swimming is my life.  I created Love Swimming to teach as many people as I can to love swimming as much as I do.

Rui DuarteRui Duarte

Rui has been swimming since the age of 3 and has competed professionally for Portugal as a swimmer and water polo player. He loves to teach and coach (ASA Level 2 qualified) and over the last 15 years has been helping people of all ages (from 6 month old babies to adults of 84 years) to swim. He teaches all levels from absolute beginners right up to competitive swimmers who want to improve their technique or train for specific events.

Many of my students, both children and adults, have come to me afraid of the water.  I love helping them to conquer their fear and start to really enjoy swimming. It’s great for them and it’s so rewarding for me too!